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Indian Cultural Forum, November 2017

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Tripoto, June 2017

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The Hindu thREAD, May 2017

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New Internationalist, January 2015

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BootsnAll Travel, April 2013

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The Morning Media Project, December 2012

Interview with Dr. Maya Vedamurthy
Iqube Magazine, Pg. 18-19, April 2010 [Print]

A Walk to Remember: Turtle-Walking
Iqube Magazine, Pg. 40, April 2010 [Print]

Gaming Galore: A Career in Gaming & Animation
Iqube Magazine, Pg. 26-27, November 2009 [Print]

For the Love of Music
Iqube Magazine, Pg. 28-29, November 2009 [Print]



Dispatches: Mental Illness Runs Rife on Riker’s Island
November 2017

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(Featured on the official Frankfurt Tourism site)
July 2017

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July 2017

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March 2017

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March 2017

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April 2017

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Septemer 2015

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September 2011

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August 2011



Impact Tour Nepal 2012: Creating Income & Livelihood Opportunities for the Rural Poor
Written for iDE, Colorado, June 2012


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